Executive Coaching

Ron works with executives and entrepreneurs who have a relentless desire to better themselves—as professionals and human beings. Clients who see fit to invest in a relationship with Ron will increase their self-awareness, assume greater accountability for their actions, and advance toward a more fulfilling, meaningful life. With deeper and more effective engagement in business come profitability and a feeling of self-actualization that flows seamlessly into one’s personal life.

An executive coaching engagement is designed to enable you to dig deep and, through trust, awareness, empowerment and action, experience higher levels of engagement, confidence, performance and happiness – on a sustainable basis going forward.

Executive Coaching

Coaching is not always about “fixing.” There are plenty of world renowned business executives and world class athletes that have coaches. It’s about continuous growth; it’s about being your best self!

Statistics have proven that it takes a minimum of six (6) months to change and develop behavior. This behavior change will be accomplished through specific behavior identification, one-on-one coaching, specific assignment development, accountability and reinforcement.

how does it work?

We start with clarifying and aligning the goals and objectives of the business and participant. We may employ certain assessment tools aimed at equipping leaders with insights about their behavior, impact on people and motivations – to serve as a basis for specific areas of focus.

Our executive coaching engagement will typically last six months and include an in-depth, face-to-face session at least once per month with me, a check in call in between sessions and phone access to me.

Each session will typically include:

  • Self-actualization exercises: utilizing assessment tools and behavior traits for participant to better understand oneself, increasing their awareness of both strengths and weaknesses.
  • Review of actions steps committed to in the prior session. What worked? What was learned from what didn’t work? Problem-solve any blocks that effected the action steps. This part of the session creates accountability and ownership of process as well as adding immediate value to the organization – and to their personal development. It’s all about moving forward.
  • Determine items to work on during the session – aligned with goals/objectives. Often times, the current situation influences the agenda – but our focus is building sustainable improvement. So while resolving a particular issue may be a stepping stone to our goals, it is not an end onto itself.
  • Create and commit to new actions steps to achieve before the next session. Leadership development and growth becomes part of every workday!

Post-assessment and in-depth meeting:
Participant will be re-assessed at the completion of program to determine growth in targeted leadership areas. A plan is prepared to increase leadership skills and enhance positive career behaviors.