Career Coaching

Determining if your current career is still right for you can be scary. Yet, it can also be both enlightening and empowering – and can lead you to significant success and fulfillment. In over 35 years, I’ve been through a couple of career changes and have experienced the benefits of career coaching, myself.

Having been in transition – in both healthy and struggling job markets – I understand and can empathize with the challenges you are facing. It is important to stay focused, confident and action oriented. You need to understand where you passionately add value, place these aspects in your material (verbal and written) and follow a disciplined process. You also need to stay connected – through networking and other related activities.

Career Coaching

how does it work?

To meaningfully and expeditiously assist you in moving forward in a focused/action oriented manner, our career coaching engagement will typically include the following components/processes:

Define and position yourself. Explore talents, passions, values and accomplishments. We may employ certain tools to assist in providing clarity on these aspects. This will serve as the foundation for this process.

How to position yourself for success– aligned with your personal brand.

  • Building your best stories
  • Strategies for targeting contacts and opportunities
  • Effective networking – enabling people to assist you in a meaningful way; with specific processes to employ
  • Repurposing and/or adjusting your current marketing collateral (e.g., elevator speeches, handbill, etc…)

If you so choose, I will hold you accountable for actions you committed to — typically SMART® goals – specific, measurable, actionable, relevant and time-bound.

The duration of our career coaching engagement is typically three months with two in depth face to face meetings per month along with phone access to me.

There will be a detailed outline provided based on our scope along with specific “homework” assignments to prepare and provide to me in advance of each meeting.