About Ron Rooth

Having successfully served on the front lines of leadership, Ron Rooth understands the executive mindset and what leaders must do to stay focused and in alignment with their vision. His success in managing teams and developing people in various stages of leadership serves him well in helping executives overcome challenges and raise their level of performance. A trusted advisor, Ron excels at improving profitability by creating happy and engaged executives.

His natural mentoring approach to empowering others, honed through years of volunteer work and professional training, enables those he serves to find their own voice and passion within the context of their business. Executives that collaborate with Ron will quickly discover his orientation toward results, find new strengths and expand their boundaries leading to higher levels of productivity and personal fulfillment.


Drawing upon his emotional intelligence, eclectic background, and extensive training, Ron is a gifted communicator and facilitator. He holds himself to the highest levels of accountability, a trait he translates to his clients, and creates a safe environment where deep level exchange and growth can take place. A superb listener, Ron is patient, pleasant and supportive. His clients emerge as more confident, enthusiastic executives with greater insight into themselves and their people, which will have far-reaching positive effects on their companies.

Victorie for Men Ron has always had a passion for personal growth – in both himself and others. In 2005, Ron embarked on a journey with Victories of the Heart – a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to transform the lives of men through clinically-based weekend and group programs that lead them to deeper self awareness, greater self-confidence and stronger relationships. Since his initial experience, Ron has received extensive training in facilitation and coaching and is a weekend leader. Currently, Ron also has the privilege of serving as its 3rd president since the Victories was formed in 1985. For more information, please vitit www.victoriesformen.org.
WABC Registered Corporate Coach Ron is also a Registered Corporate Coach™ with the World Association of Business Coaches. For more information, please visit www.wabccoaches.com.

Together, we will clarify your challenges and develop an approach to achieve your goals.